Fonetic - Juan Manuel Soto Ceo

Juan Manuel Soto founder and CEO of Fonetic has an Industrial Engineering degree from ETSII Bilbao (Bilbao School of Industrial Engineers) and a Master of Science in “Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies” from the Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK) and MBA from INSIDE – Universidad de Deusto. He first become involved with IVR in 1999 when the technology and market were in their infancy.
“Things were very different back then with all of the challenges that breaking technology faces. Opening people’s eyes to what was possible with new technology meant helping them to see the world differently, thankfully we had the support of some very progressive thinkers such as Telefónica.”


On a regular research and development trip to America, Juan Manuel was introduced to ground breaking speech analytics and instantly saw how this technology would help business leaders to improve their P&L, reduce churn and be able to get closer to their business than ever before – that was really exciting and something he had the vision to explore.


Juan Manuel’s Message

I talked to our most progressive customers and embarked on the first pilot project that would change the landscape of Fonetic forever. Now, over 15 years later, Fonetic has been in this market from the very beginning, working with world-class leaders to deliver the very best in voice IVR and speech and data analytics.
In this market, delivering the best depends not just on robust technology but the accuracy of the results for the customer. Accuracy is achieved by building richness around the business language from which the best results come from, results you can trust. This process takes years of working with businesses day in, day out, building and adding to the language to be able to deeply analyze it. There is no shortcut for this process, and because Fonetic has been doing this for many years, the company is years ahead of any competitor in this field.
It’s quite simple – when we produce results that you can trust, we become a partner that you trust – and that’s what we’re looking to achieve.
These are exciting times for us and for any organization that wants to truly understand their business – come and talk to us, we’d be delighted to see how we can help you too.


Fonetic - Juan Manuel Soto Ceo sign
Juan Manuel Soto – CEO