What we do

Fonetic leads the voice analytics market with many years of experience of working with Enterprises to help them to achieve greater successes, due to the valuable insights and cost savings Fonetic solutions have delivered.  Working in the Financial, Telecommunications, Insurance, Energy and Supply Chain Management Sectors, key enterprises have placed their trust in the Fonetic team.
Our team is made up of experts in linguistic modeling and computing, professionals with a vast amount of experience in the markets that we serve.  Along with our global business experts we deliver solutions that will revolutionize the way you work.

Fonetic specializes in:

  • ATR integra™ – unlock the hidden value of your trade data and communications with Automatic Trade Reconstruction
  • BIZ analytics™  – Flexible analytics for all sectors
  • Human-IVR™ – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Reduce telephony costs by improved routing and average call handling times
When you work with Fonetic you will revolutionize the way you understand your staff and your customers’ behaviors.

Linguistics Voice Platform

The Fonetic Linguistics Voice Platform integrates unstructured voice data into business processes for actionable knowledge.  Bringing together speech analytics, sentiment analysis and unstructured data, the Fonetic Linguistics Voice Platform transforms customer interactions into tangible business value for any organization. From trading floors to contact centers, the Fonetic platform captures, indexes, analyses and extracts relevant data from all voice, email and chat interactions to detect opportunities for business improvement.
By analyzing all of the oral and written dialogue that takes place between your company representatives and the outside world you can “see inside” your organization and measure the impact it has on your business.  Fonetic speech and data analytics solutions put you in the driving seat to make better-informed decisions.

With Fonetic solutions you can manage your telephone systems, extract more information, more reliably, producing results that you can trust.
In fact, linguistic analysis is five to nine times more accurate that transcription based solutions.