ATR™ Integra

 ATR™ integra: unlock the hidden value of your trade data and communications with Automatic Trade Reconstruction.
For a post-crisis financial sector where regulatory scrutiny has heaped pressure on firms to better manage its data, compliance, visibility of risk and speed of access to accurate information is at the top of the agenda.Enter ATR™ integra from Fonetic: the first automatic trade reconstruction solution to enable financial firms to unlock the hidden value of all trade communications data.

Until now the separation of trade data and trading communications, the time it takes to extract and find communications means that banks are facing:


  • Unnecessary costs
  • Lengthy resolution times
  • Costly errors
  • Undetected unwanted behavior, such as fraud



The FIRST AND ONLY solution that has been specifically designed for the trading floor environment. Fusing trading communications and trades together

Fonetic provides the first and only solution that has been specifically designed for the trading floor environment to address these needs with Automatic Trade Reconstruction to revolutionize the way banks monitor and scrutinize all communication across the entire trading activities.

The volume and number of sources of communications and trade-related data generated by financial firms continues to grow at a staggering rate. By tapping into a seamless integration which fuses trading communications and trades together you can not only protect and enhance your trading business, but reduce operational risk, behavior risk and transform your highly valuable communications into business assets.

Transform your communications into business assets

ATR™ integra automatically collects and analyses ALL trade-related data, fusing front office trading floors with middle and back office functions, to match ALL trades with their corresponding text, email or audio communications.

Using a sophisticated proprietary matching algorithm to power the world’s first linguistic-based automatic trade reconstruction technology, ATR™ integra dissolves the siloed data repositories that have traditionally dominated financial firms so that front, middle and back office teams can have complete visibility across complex, global trade operations.

Total confidence that EVERY SINGLE communication is being collected, analyzed and matched

ATR™ integra represents a critical step change for the industry, delivering the information that really matters to financial firms. Fast, flexible and accurate, ATR™ integra eliminates manual processes and minimizes the chance of human error, giving monitoring teams’ total confidence that EVERY SINGLE communication is being collected, analyzed and matched.

Fonetic: your intelligent trading partner

ATR™ integra can help you:


  • Gain complete visibility across your entire trading business
  • Collect ALL trade and communications data
  • Analyze and detect trends to better understand your trade floor
  • Match trades with associated communications in seconds
  • Continuous proactive surveillance of fraudulent and unwanted behavior
  • Automatically perform multiple trade reconstructions
  • Eliminate mismatched trade and communication data
  • Minimize back office reconciliation
  • Effectively demonstrate regulatory compliance



Fonetic has a fine heritage built on technology achievement and development leadership taken from its experience working with some of the world’s leading financial firms from 2008.

Working in partnership with firms, such as BBVA and Santander has given us invaluable insights into the unique complexities and requirements of the financial sector. From the outset, our global team of computer scientists, trading professionals, mathematicians and experts in linguistic modelling have striven to develop the most advanced linguistics-based analytics technology to meet these requirements.

At Fonetic we obsess over accuracy and high detection rates so that you can have peace of mind that your systems don’t miss what you’re looking for while you sleep.

In an industry where billions have been spent on being able to trade faster and make more money, Fonetic provides the most-accurate, flexible technology to minimize regulatory risk and transform trading communications into valuable business assets.