Customer Service Centers for Telecommunication, Finance sector & others

Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do you know the primary reason why your customers call you and the main topic of conversation?
  • Do you know exactly what your call handers are saying 100% of the time?
  • What most impacts your relationship with your customers, negatively and positively right now – when and how does that change?


If you would like to be able to answer these questions with facts and clear statistics Fonetic will show you how.


Focus on device application developments and encouragement for customers to engage with businesses using a web interface, means that customers are communicating with us in multiple ways ‚by adding to the big data issue.


Telephony communication between customer and service provider remains the majority of customers’ choice of communication – particularly when trying to resolve an issue. However, increasing numbers of callers are likely to make their compliant public by using social media.


Naturally, this means that the efficiency of your telephone systems and analytic capability is not just vital to the performance of your business and your resources – but essential to the experience your customers have of your brand, from the moment they pick up the phone.

In your organization Fonetic Human-IVR™ (Interactive Voice Response) will enable you to:

  • Reduce telephony costs by improved routing and average handing time
  • Service high volumes of calls efficiently
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Save time and increase profits – enable call handers to focus on more complex calls
  • Identify and authenticate callers
  • Enable customer prioritization
  • Log call information for auditing, performance reporting and future system enhancements
  • Improve survey results
  • Intelligent outbound call management

Fonetic Human-IVR™ recognizes speech patterns in up to 84 languages and caters for accents and dialects. Your customers will no longer have to press 1,2,3 options but will simply make their request and their call will be  
routed correctly.

Human-IVR™and BIZ analytics™ will improve your business in  
four key areas
  1. Customer Experience – Using a sample of calls over a given period of time, we analyze and map your customers’ experience in their own words and provide you with a report that focuses on four key areas:


    • Operations – Day to day ordinary transactions. Normally, these contacts have very little impact. However, it is important to check that they are performed with speed and accuracy. First contact resolution is key to your success.

    • Incidents, Claims and Complaints – Problem resolution. By resolving issues quickly and efficiently will keep customers happy. When you understand what generates greatest churn you can focus remedial activity in the right place at the right time resulting in a reduction in churn and an increase in customer loyalty.

    • Information – It is important to analyze call handlers’ knowledge and consider if other channels can provide greater levels of customer care. User defined automated surveys add to your knowledge base to ensure you have a comprehensive view of your business.

    • Sales Activity – Being able to understand what and how call handers sell, will enable you to see if you are satisfying your customers’ needs and building loyalty.


    Fonetic’s experience consultants will help you to understand these areas of your business and work with you to improve your customers’ experience and create greater customer trust and satisfaction.

  2. Business Intelligence – For many businesses, their primary focus is their sales channel. But what if you have a “leaky bucket”? Building a sales pipeline becomes a futile exercise. As soon as you are able to analyze all channels, simultaneously, you’re able to understand your customers’ perceptions and you can makes improvements to all areas of your business.


    • Loyalty and Retention – with you, we establish best practices of customer loyalty that is unique to your business and your customers. Following this analysis we work with you to define processes, tools, sales pitches, loyalty programs and campaigns to improve loyalty and retention.

    • Sales Growth – Fonetic has developed a unique methodology analyze and improve sales results in four easy steps:


      • Identify sales skills
      • Determine critical factors to achieve a sale
      • Change processes to reflect these factors
      • Measure improvements


    • Competitor Analysis – By analyzing your calls, social media, emails and chat we can help you to monitor the strengths of your products in real time. You’ll also see and measure the impact that your competitors have on your business.


    • Debt Recovery – Following analysis of each phase of the debt collection process and by studying customer responses and call handlers’ behaviors you’ll be able to identify specific areas where measures can be taken to reduce debtor days and improve your cash flow.
  3. Call Center Operation We can either work with you to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to help you to make savings and improve results or we can improve call routing and absorption rates to help you to make more intensive use IVR technology.


    • Social Media CRM – Immediate and highly reactive, when analyzing social media it is important to focus on the specifics that drive this communication – content and context, sentiment, reaction and subsequent action.

    • Contact Center Benchmarking – with an executive score card you’ll be able to measure customer satisfaction, resolution and non-resolution and efficiency rates and call waiting analysis.

    • First Contact Resolution – by understand why your customer’s calls are not resolved during the first contact, you can make decisions that will optimize your call center’s resolution rate.

    • IVR / Voice Portal – Fonetic guarantees increased absorption rates and provides measurement of increased functionality, improved dialogue strategy, improvements to existing recognition tools.
  4. Quality and Compliance


    • Coaching and Quality Monitoring – following call analysis we are able to identify training needs. We can provide training and on-going monitoring to ensure new learning is put into practice.
    Fonetic Call Center

Fonetic Voice Analysis

Analysis of calls


Biz analytics™ speech analytics provides you with valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of customer calls, so that you can take quick action.
Most customer service centers record customer conversations but, historically, the sheer number of recordings has meant that being able to review and analyse has been a real challenge.
Fonetic speech analytics is designed with you in mind. It can provide automated trend analysis to show what’s happening in your customer service center. The solution can isolate the words and phrases used most frequently within a given time period, as well as indicate whether usage is trending up or down. This information makes it easy for supervisors, analysts, and others in your organization to spot changes in consumer behavior and take action to reduce call volumes – and increase customer satisfaction.

Biz analytics™ can mine and analyze recorded customer conversations to pinpoint:

  • Cost drivers
  • Trends
  • Opportunities
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products
  • Market perception.
With Fonetic Biz analytics™ you can unlock highly valuable insights into your customers’ behavior:

  • Identify business process issues
  • Identify product and service issues
  • Understand your customers’ preferences, issues and feelings – providing you with the opportunity to modify your customer acquisition process, improve retention rates and up-sell opportunities
  • Proactively detect and respond to emerging trends, as they happen
  • Specifically capture customers who are likely to churn
  • Increase customer loyalty – resolve issues faster to facilitate an improved customer experience
  • Increase brand value and shareholder confidence.


Add voice biometrics, which verifies the callers’ identity through the unique patterns in their voice and you will reduce the call handling time by an average of 20 seconds.