Stay compliant
with ever changing regulatory requirements

Be prepared
for MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, MAD I & II, MAR, EMIR, REMIT, MifIR, GDPR


Trade floor communication
is heterogeneous

Fraud, money laundering, trading errors and compliance breaches
can take place across any communication channel


Our technology is specifically designed
for the trading floor environment

Emails, corporate chats, instant messaging, voice - control your communications
no matter where they happen


Fonetic is the only provider that integrates all communication and trade data into a single platform



Surveillance teams of financial organisations have a vast amount of responsibility. Their roles are intrinsic to safeguarding and protecting an organisation’s assets as well as reputation when faced with petitions from regulators . These petitions require rigorous and in-depth analysis of mass amounts of data. Human error can lead to them finding themselves personally liable if a regulator uncovers a serious misconduct that somehow slipped through the net.

  • All communication surveillance for the trading floor
  • Our technology automatically analyzes all your trade communication data and attributes it to corresponding transactions - front, middle and back office
  • Master all your risks


Trade reconstructions can quickly become a nightmare for any compliance and surveillance team. Petitions from regulators can appear out of the blue and require pre and post trade data as well as an audit of all communications (IM, email, and phone calls) linked to the corresponding trade. Without prior preparation, gathering all this documentation in a short time-frame can prove challenging for even the most seasoned of teams.

  • Regulatory reporting platform
  • Gathers, flags and organizes all trade related data and evidence and sends it to the regulator - In less than 30 minutes
  • Avoid fines and protect your reputation


A phone conversation is the most popular form of communication amongst traders. From a compliance and surveillance standpoint, this type of communication is also the hardest to monitor, therefore making any potential misconduct more difficult to detect. Due to the high cost of implementing traditional voice surveillance most firms with a trade floor make aleatory surveillance. Surveys show only 5-10% of traders are having their phone conversations monitored.

  • MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, MAR, MLDR and ones that are yet to come
  • Our technology complies with all international standards and makes it easy for your organization to present documentation to regulators
  • Stay ahead of a dynamically changing market regulations



Lets you verify and authenticate the identity of the person who is speaking through unique patterns in his voice

  • Eliminates the need to ask questions of security
  • Reduces fraud, allowing to compare with blacklists and create alerts when suspicious activity is detected
  • Reduces call duration


Automatically extracts and analyzes the customers recorded conversations to improve in four key areas

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Knowledge
  • Contact Center Operationals
  • Quality and Regulatory Compliance


Understands the customers' natural language, dialogues with them, and routes them to the desired destination fast and efficiently

  • Reduces support costs because of automation optimization and improves operational efficiency
  • Empowers all business areas, thanks to the information provided in real time
  • Facilitates the digital transformation of companies and integrate with multichannel strategies


Our technology is adaptive to international regulations


The only surveillance and trade reconstruction technology that integrates voice


Fonetic is a pioneer in speech analytics and plays a key role in helping financial institutions to be compliant with market regulations such as MiFID II, MAR and Dodd-Frank. Fonetic allows financial institutions to keep 100% staff oversight minimizing the occurrence of false positives.

Fonetic is a leading expert in voice processing, compliance and surveillance technology. Established in 2006, we have pioneered the use of voice IVR, data and speech analytics for the financial services community. Our FoneticATR platform serves as an invaluable tool to ensure trade floor regulatory compliance across the world.

With over 100 employees based in London, Madrid, New York and Melbourne, we are dedicated to the continual innovation of our solutions in order to ensure client confidence in their operational transparency and compliance in the face of changing global financial regulation. We strive to provide simple and effective solutions that help rather than hinder organisations tackling misconduct.



Proyecto financiado con el programa Feder de la Unión Europea

Governments legislate reforms in order to increase transparency in financial operations and deal with fraud issues. In recent years, new regulations have been enacted that bind financial institutions to exert greater analysis and control over their activities, both in the United States and in Europe (main financial centers worldwide).

  • Dodd-Frank - consumer protection and financial reform endorsed by President Barack Obama on July, 11th The objectives of the reform are the following:
    • Reinforcing investor protection: liability, consistency and transparency.
    • Systemic risk: strong supervision and regulation of financial firms.
    • Global supervision of financial markets: securitization, derivatives and credit rating agencies.
    • Increase of international regulatory standards and improvement of international cooperation.
  • Emir – the Bylaw 648/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on OTC Derivatives, Central Counterparties (CCPs) and records of transactions entered into force on August, 16th

MiFID II - In October 2011, the European Commission presented this Directive to review the financial instruments in the markets in order to make financial markets more transparent and efficient and to increase investor protection.

These new regulations compel investment banks to have greater control over the transactions they perform and have a record of all the communications involved in the negotiations.

The volume of communications generated is quite large; a bank with a volume of 1,000 traders might generate 40,000,000 communications (phone calls, emails...) a year.

It is necessary to have a solution that allows analyzing the content of all communications (both audio and text) in order to be able to perform:

  • Transactions Analysis.
  • Transactions Reconstruction.
  • Proactive prevention of fraud and risk control


Fonetic ATR provides the user with a solution for the analysis of their trading environment. It will allow the user to carry out an internal control of bad and good business practices. And it also gives the user the capacity to respond the regulators requests.

This is achieved by providing them with the adequate tool to analyze the communications generated in a trading desk environment (phone calls, emails, chats, text message...) and to link to the transactions (hereinafter referred to as trades) that the aforementioned desk executes. The product will also solve the following use cases:

  • Linking trades to communications: linking two environments currently separated; the transactions executed and the communications exchanged to carry out those transactions. This automatic linking (Automatic Trade Reconstruction, ATR) has not been achieved by any other company in the market. To offer this solution the following is needed:
    • Implement algorithms that allow crossing the information obtained from the communications with the transactions, offering an automatic match with probabilities. These algorithms are highly complex and the more operations they analyze the more they are "trained".
    • Interface for managing the obtained information.
  • Communications search: it allows to search communications through their content and their associated information (date, participants...). To do this, the challenge will be:
    • Voice recognition engine that provides the system with sufficient levels of precision to successfully analyze the contents of the calls.
    • Text analysis engine that allows the system to successfully analyze the contents of text documents (emails, chats, text messages).
    • Classifications engines that allows the system to structure the information of communications. At this point and using the information detected by the analysis engines, the classifications engines based on logical rules and engines based on automatic classification (machine learning) will be implemented.
    • Information and communications storage system that derives from the performed analysis combining: speed and capacity to store large volumes of data. Considering the nature of such a system (large volumes and combination of structured and unstructured information), the data should be stored in a Big Data environment.
    • Interface that allows the user to combine power and simplicity in order to perform the searches.
  • Proactive monitoring, automatic alarm creation and creation/management of open cases.
    • "Behavior" analysis by applying complex behavioral algorithms in a trading desk environment, creating alerts that allow the internal control units of the financial institution to prevent risks and fraud.
    • A system that allows the user to create, escalate, maintain, close and manage cases.
    • Interface for the analysis of the obtained data.


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With over 100 employees based in London, Madrid, New York and Melbourne, we are dedicated to the continual innovation of our solutions in order to ensure client confidence in their operational transparency and compliance in the face of ever changing global financial regulation. We strive to provide simple and effective solutions that help rather than hinder organizations tackling misconduct.

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