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Pedro Molpeceres - BBVA Innovation Manager, says about Fonetic:

We in BBVA selected Fonetic as our provider for implementation and delivery of our Trading Record Keeping Compliance solution into our Bank in 2009, for which we received an award from the Financial Times - The Banker in 2012. Fonetic delivered and executed on this solution extremely professionally and continue to enhance the product and service level they provide to us. We are very happy to have a strategic ongoing relationship with Fonetic in this area. Fonetic deliver what they say they will deliver in a professional manner at all times and I would recommend my fellow Banks to work with Fonetic on their compliance needs.

Fonetic offers a turn-key solution to comply with Dodd-Frank Recordkeeping requirements in Trading

What do we offer?
We are able to provide Trading Compliance teams with a solution that is:
  • Able to qualify voice and text interactions based on its content
  • Able to reconstruct a trade, locating all interactions associated to a trade
  • Able to identify risk patterns and compliance rules endorsement

How can we do it?
  • Fonetic is a leader company in interaction analytics, renowned for its ability to transform unstructured data to structured information through language analysis
  • We have developed a solution to specific Trading floors needs, adapting voice interaction analytics software to the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act
Why Fonetic?
  • Fonetic has a unique understanding of the complexity of analyzing Trading Floor calls based on hands-on experience
  • Fonetic’s solution has been recognized with the prestigious The Banker Awards for Innovation in Dealing Technologies
  • Fonetic has designed a solution that tackles multilanguage analysis of conversations (voice & text) based on a custom linguistic model specifically designed for Trading
  • Fonetic’s solution searches directly on audio, getting accuracy results that are impossible to achieve through phonetic transcription to text
  • Fonetic ‘s solution is independent of call recording system, requiring small investments and no changes on existing technical infrastructure
  • Fonetic’s solution is powered by Genesys SpeechMiner platform

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