Why wait for a breach before putting in place mechanisms that ensure compliance?

All communications from all sources reconciled with their trade data.

Trades and orders reconstructed with 100% of relevant data to anticipate breaches and protect your assets and reputation.

Anticipate reporting needs

Get a comprehensive panorama of traders' activities: not only trade data, but all their actions and communications in context. With massive analysis capacity, Fonetic ATR can precisely detect and alert about errors and compliance breaches, so firms can act on time.

Respond to regulatory requirements precisely

With Fonetic ATR, trade reconstruction and order reconstruction begins with the first communication, and not a single piece of relevant information is left behind.

Automatic Trade Reconstruction

Fonetic learning algorithm is constantly processing new inputs to achieve perfection on detecting breaches and abuse intents, delivering your team more agility and analytical capacity.

Power up for Surveillance and Compliance teams

Fonetic ATR is the analytical muscle of compliance and surveillance teams. It integrates with over 64 data sources, all trading floor recorders, hardware and alert systems, so humans can concentrate on what really matters.

Obtain strategic data

The massive ingestion and processing of trading data with linked communications delivers strategic information that can be used for many purposes beyond ensuring compliance, such as analyse traders' behaviour, manage risks, and optimise business processes.

Impeccable execution

All projects delivered on time, on budget, with no disruptions to business and with excellent support.

Fonetic ATR for trade reconstruction

Respond to regulators request in minutes and seize the power of your trade communications data

Many important banks and financial firms are already anticipating their regulatory needs and making the most from their trade communications data.

These firms are already enjoying the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve integral and automated trade reconstruction processes to detect breaches faster and get important insights to improve their business.

Trade reconstruction beyond regulation