Identifying a compliance breach when you don’t have all the information in place is almost impossible

To comply with MiFID II & MAR, you need to monitor all order-related communications across all channels

Break information silos to understand the trading floor behavior and detect fraud faster.

100% of the trading floor under surveillance

With all trade communications in one place, and precisely linked to their corresponding trade information, context and metadata is easier to visualise how traders are behaving and spot even intents of fraud and market manipulation. All data available at your fingertips, all the time.

Regulatory compliance

Our surveillance technology enables you to comply with MiFID II, MAR and other regulation requirements regarding market manipulation and abuse. Monitor internal policies, code of conduct breaches and stay prepared for regulator’s growing requirements.

96% less false positives

Fonetic algorithim efficiency is tested and approved. High accuracy on spotting breaches on the trading floor to make sure that the surveillance team focus their efforts on the real breaches and threats.

Complete surveillance coverage

Fonetic ATR can integrate and process information from over 64 data sources, including structured data, such as e-mails, financial chats and other ecomms, as well as unstructured data, as voice communications.
All data is readable, in context and ready to generate alerts for the compliance team.

Break information silos

Fonetic learning algorithm organises trade communications and pairs them with their context and metadata: identify parties and counterparties, deal amounts, date and time of conversations and many other relevant data that helps you comply with regulations and spot compliance breaches.

Impeccable execution

Highly scalable surveillance and compliance software that integrates with all recorders, hardware and other systems through APIs. All projects delivered on time, on budget and with amazing support.

Fonetic ATR for surveillance

The fastest way to detect misconduct and carry out investigations

Fonetic ATR is already implemented in important financial and energy firms are prepared for the upcoming regulatory challenges of MiFID II and MAR.

These firms are already enjoying the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect breaches faster and boost the efficiency of their compliance and surveillance team.

Integrated regulatory surveillance: scalable and compliant