Conversational Chatbots and Voicebots

Boost your efficiency, improve Customer eXperience

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Looking for Trade Comms Suite?

Fonetic Trade Comms Suite is now part of Voxsmart. Find out more.

Customer Experience Solutions

IVR + Artificial Intelligence solutions that humanise your client interactions. Increase  sales, cut costs, minimise risks and watch your client satisfaction skyrocket


Conversational assistants that communicate by text and voice. Deliver a stellar experience on all your digital channels

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Voice Bots

Thanks to artificial intelligence, HumanBot humanises contact centre interactions while reducing average handling time

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Speech & Text Analytics

Boost telemarketing, supply valuable client intelligence and improve service quality

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Voice Biometrics

Authenticate clients by their voice alone. Prevent fraud and enhance customer care security

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Our technology

A company deeply rooted in innovation

We focus our R&D efforts in pushing the boundaries of voice technology applied to different business areas such as: Capital Markets, Customer Experience

We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, advanced information analysis and system architecture to design cutting edge voice processing technology and communication monitoring systems

Read one to learn why we are voice leaders and experts in AI applied to Capital Markets

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Clients and Partners

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Why Fonetic?

We create technology to understand humans, both for a safer financial system and for enhanced human – machine communication.

Our team brings together linguists, regulatory experts and AI engineers to provide state of the art surveillance solutions and speech technologies 

Our Awards

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Loyal Customers

We continuously provide value to our customers, accompanying them in their Digital Transformation and helping them achieve their success. Their success is our success.

Latest News

VoxSmart aquires Fonetic's Trade Comms Suite to build comprehensive communications surveillance platform

VoxSmart, leading mobile surveillance provider, acquires the Fonetic capital markets product suite to build comprehensive communications surveillance platform for Capital Markets

Fonetic wins best Customer engagement project with VoiceBot.

Last night saw the 10th annual celebration of the Platinum Contact Centre Awards, one of the most acknowledged and prestigious awards in the Customer Experience sector.

FT names Fonetic among Europe’s 100 digital champions

There is a lot to be thankful for this year at Fonetic! The Financial Times has included Fonetic in their prominent report “Europe’s 100 digital champions” for 2019. This fills our hearts with so much joy and gladness.