About Us

Nearly 100 talented people

Fonetic was founded by Juan Manuel Soto with one goal in mind: to create value by helping machines better understand humans.

That was in 2006 and since then, we have pioneered the use of audio data and voice analytics for the financial services community. We have garnered years of experience in voice and e-comms analysis, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to support our two business divisions, Trading Floor Surveillance and Customer Experience.

Fonetic’s solutions are continuously expanding. They are proven and deployed in financial institutions and telco carriers in New York, London, Madrid and Melbourne, among others.

24% linguists and speech scientists

250M vcomms a year

PhDs in computer science

Management Team

Juan Manuel Soto

CEO & Founder

Adolfo Martín

Sales Director

Jacinto Rey

Chief Financial Officer