Digital customers means more satisfaction and a more efficient service.

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Conversational assistants trained to communicate by text and voice. 

Improve customer experience and satisfaction on all your digital channels for Telecom, Bank, Insurance and Utilities, among others. 

More efficient customer service

Chatbot adapted to the customer and the task to carry out.

Continuous system improvements

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system automatically adapts and detects emotions in voice and audio with greater accuracy.

Control your KPIs

Tools created especially to manage your own KPIs: uptake/aquisition, satisfaction, internal transfers.

Integrated external NLP assets

Get the best out of Microsoft®, Amazon® and IBM® solutions, both in interface and the use of NLP services.

Fast and effective deployment

Accelerate deployment with a database ready with over 500 intents, 300,000 utterances, 50 different conversational entities and 2,400 dialogues.

Deploy using own technology or through third-parties

As well as providing our own algorithmns, we also use tools such as Microsoft® Bot Framework & Luis, Google® Dialog Flow, IBM® Watson, Nina de Nuance®, Alexa or home assistants such as Echo from Amazon® or Google® Home.

Fonetic Chatbot integrates 10 years of experience using advanced NLP & ML technologies

Fonetic provides interface design services, ability to start delivering the best results straight away and in-depth knowledge of the leading NLP and ML services in the market, their characteristics and limitations.  

Our architecture allows you to reuse components already in use and accelerate assistant ROI.