Authenticate clients and users by their voice alone

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Biometric technology that authenticates both users and customers during the normal flow of a telephone conversation, eliminating the need to remember passwords.

Remote authentication

Voice is the only biometric characteristic that allows for highly secure remote authentication in which the person to be identified does not need to be present, while being available at a very accessible price point

Smart learning

Fonetic Voice Biometrics adapts to customers in an intelligent way. It learns from them and continuously reinforces its digital voice, either through automated or supervised means.

Unbreakable security

The Voice Biometrics solution can integrate with other security systems, creating authentic, complex structures that are virtually impossible to break into.

Fraud prevention

Fonetic Voice Biometrics adds countermeasures that further strengthen biometric security and deny unwanted users access. System attacks based on deception, repetition and voice synthesis are detected and stamped out in time.

Maximum customer satisfaction

The verification process lasts just a few seconds and there is no need to remember passwords or authentication questions. It is available 24 x 7, anywhere, and it integrates effortlessly with the customer experience during calls.

Compatible with all platforms

Fonetic Voice Biometrics is compatible with the market’s main platforms (Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, IVR Powers, etc.). Additionally, it complements, and integrates seamlessly with, Human IVR.

Revolution in telephone customer care security

Vocal biometrics has developed in recent years into one of the most secure authentication methods available.

It is now possible to implement an effective security policy using unique voice passwords for each individual in the contact centre, thanks to Fonetic’s technology.