FT names Fonetic among Europe’s 100 digital champions

There is a lot to be thankful for this year at Fonetic! The Financial Times has included Fonetic in their prominent report “Europe’s 100 digital champions” for 2019. This fills our hearts with so much joy and gladness.

The article looks at the people and companies leading Europe’s growth in five categories and Fonetic has been included in “New technologies and business models”. This part of the report focuses on companies providing tools to help others meet their challenges using state-of-the-art technologies.

We help our clients harness the power of their data through seamless data integration from the front office, back office and mobile devices. Through NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning), we detect intent, understand the context in communications, be it voice or e-comms, and identify rogue and potentially rogue traders.

When it comes to voice, Fonetic is the undisputed leader in this domain: we improve the audio signal, eliminate duplicates and noise, detect the languages used with accuracy of up to 90% in some cases and can even differentiate more than one language in the same conversation. Do you know of any other company in the financial markets surveillance and compliance space that can do that? We don’t either.

Fonetic is one of 8 Spanish companies, the majority of which are global enterprises, such as BBVA and Telefónica, in the category of “Corporate digital transformations.” Moreover, we are the only RegTech company in the entire report and the only Spanish business to be included in the “New technologies and business models” section. We are in good company, sharing this section with Germany’s tech giant SAP and the Netherland’s as well as companies from other countries with long-standing culture of innovation.

In addition to being featured in FT Europe’s 100 digital champions report, Fonetic has also been recognised as one of the most innovative regtech companies by RegTech Analyst for the second year, and has been included in The Planet Compliance RegTech Top100 Power List, climbing 7 positions from last year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our team members (AI wizards, ML researchers, speech scientists, linguists, sales & marketing, finance and HR) for their selfless dedication, allowing us all to do our best as well as to champion our clients and to give them exactly what they need.

About FT Europe’s 100 digital champions

FT Europe’s 100 digital champions is a special report in the Technology section of the leading newspaper by Rebecca Speare-Cole and Tatjana Mitevska.

About Fonetic

Fonetic is a leading provider of compliance and surveillance technology solutions across all comms channels and are experts in voice analytics. The company has pioneered the use of speech technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Fonetic’s unique proactive trade reconstruction engine serves as an invaluable tool for risk mitigation to ensure trade floor regulatory compliance across the world.

With over 100 employees based in London, New York, Madrid and Melbourne, Fonetic is dedicated to the continuous innovation of its solutions to guarantee client confidence in its operational transparency and compliance in the face of changing global financial regulations. Fonetic strives to provide integrated and effective solutions that help organisations meet and exceed regulatory requirements and confront misconduct. Learn more at

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fonetic!

(And if you don’t happen to celebrate it, give thanks anyway – studies show that it may make you happier.)

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Bistra Bogdanova
Marketing Specialist, Fonetic
Telephone: +34 91 743 33 26


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