Bots as a Service

Fonetic’s Human Bot Platform

Voicebots and Chatbots Cloud service through Fonetic’s Human Bot platform. Improve user service, optimize sales processes, and analyze massive Data to understand trends.

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Why Fonetic's Bots as a Service?

Pay as you go
Bots as a Service is billed according to real consumption on the platform.

Cloud & Time to Market
Our Cloud service reduces your infrastructure cost. Capacity can be deployed quickly and flexibly depending on business needs.


Enterprise Grade and Multiskill
Our bots are able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and can process millions of interactions per day.

Cognitive and Analytics
We base our bots on artificial intelligence (AI). Our Bot Analytics tool allows you to monitor conversations and optimize your business.


A single bot that covers all the communication channels with your customers and manages them in a unified and orchestrated way.

Linguistically adapted
Our service adapts to different languages ​​and dialects spoken by your customers.


Bots as a Service can be deployed in all the communication channels that your company wants to use: Telephone, Whatsapp, WebChat, Facebook Messenger, Chats in Apps or Smartspeakers.

What uses does Bots as a Service have?

Customer support

Digitally transform the communication with your clients using their preferred channels.


Quick and easy channel to sell your products.

Help desk

Increase the productivity of your employees and streamline their tasks.

Data Analysis

Use Big Data to understand customer behaviour.

Bots as a Service Benefits

Increase sales

Save on infrastructure cost

Flexibility in service capacity

Improve Customer Experience

Success stories


Development and implementation of MAcarena, Fonetic’s Bot as a Service solution to enable the automated filing of insurance claims.


We developed MyVoice project, with which we endowed Vodafone’s Voicebot with personality to make it more customer centric.


We help to improve the process of customer service and the management of Endesa’s customer complaints through Speech Analytics.

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