Customer Behaviour Analytics

Bot and Speech Analytics 

Data analysis tools to identify trends and improve user experience and your business. Bot and Speech Analytics will help you to understand customer behaviour and areas for improvement across multiple communication channels.

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What’s Bot Analytics?

Bot Analytics is a tool that analyzes Big Data to understand customer behaviour when interacting with different bots.

  • Monitors all customer interactions and explores them to understand failures, errors, and business trends.
  • Locates the origin of the problems in the interaction flows.
  • Improves Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience area of ​​companies.

What’s Speech Analytics?

Speech Analytics is a tool that analyzes the content of customer interactions across all channels, specially voice, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

  • Improves the business through customer retention, data collection and user patterns.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Analyzes the quality of operations carried out by agents and monitors compliance with regulations.

Bot and Speech Analytics benefits

Increased sales

Obtain specific data about the behaviour of your clients to adjust your sales and commercial strategy.

Improve retention

Customer Behaviour Analytics prevent the loss of customers by detecting behaviours, failures or reasons for dissatisfaction.

Increase productivity

Monitor the quality of care provided by agents and detect communication failures to solve them.

Success stories


Development and implementation of MAcarena, Fonetic’s Bot as a Service solution to enable the automated filing of insurance claims.


We developed MyVoice project, with which we endowed Vodafone’s Voicebot with personality to make it more customer centric.


We help to improve the process of customer service and the management of Endesa’s customer complaints through Speech Analytics.

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