Customer Dissatisfaction Management

Endesa user experience improvement

Customer Dissatisfaction Management is a project that Fonetic is developing with its Speech Analytics technology to comply with Endesa’s customer experience improvement strategy.

During this project, Fonetic has been able to detect the causes of dissatisfaction and monitor sales and customer service processes to improve them. Furthermore, this project allows Endesa to continuously analyze trends and the degree of satisfaction of its customers.

With its Speech Analytics Tool, Fonetic can execute a complete analysis of Endesa’s customer conversations with agents in the Customer Service center and detect trends to make dynamic evaluations and generate alerts about them.

Project objectives

The Customer dissatisfaction Management Project has multiple objectives:

The first one was to understand the reasons for customer complaints and the types of calls that generate dissatisfaction. In addition, Endesa wanted to extract more value from the service, obtaining useful information that explains, for example, why customers are not satisfied or how agents are handling calls.

On the other hand, it was also intended to find the weak points of the service, to standardize the identification of where poor customer service is taking place.

Having a real follow-up of the client’s attention and management guidelines to analyze if the security protocols are followed or if the agent uses courtesy formulas, was also one of the objectives.

Lastly, Endesa  wanted to analyze the call waiting times by agents, to find out what resources are used and to know if the processes defined for each type of call are met, or if the legal protocol is being carried out properly in a sale.

Monitoring of the Compliance process

As a result of this project, calls that do not comply the compliance have been identified. This has enabled an improvement in the training of agents and guaranteed that the sale is supported by a valid telephone contract. Bad practices have also been detected in the transfer of calls to retention departments.

Objectives achieved

Improving the quality of Customer Service

Increased sales and agent productivity

Normative compliance

Detection of reasons for customer dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction Management Results

Thanks to the implementation of this technology, a KPI that allows Endesa to report call indicators with silence has been developed. It is complemented by another that measures ​​the time without conversation during the interaction. Endesa can now manage waiting times better and carry out the analysis directly by agency and agent.

About Endesa​​

Endesa is a leading company in the Spanish energy sector and the second operator in the Portuguese electricity market. With more than 10,000 employees, it serves 12.6 million customers and its main business is the production, transportation, and distribution of electricity. It also operates in the natural gas sector and develops other energy related services.


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