The New MAcarena

Voicebot solution to enable automatic filing of insurance claims

MAcarena is a Bot as a Service solution that Fonetic has developed for Multiasistencia. This Voicebot enables the automated filing of insurance claims. In just 3 minutes, MAcarena checks who is calling, whether the policy covers the damage mentioned, registers the claim, and even manages the appointment with the repair service.

Since its implementation, MAcarena has automated more than 35% of all insurance claims. It frees agents from low-value calls, so that they can get involved in matters where they can truly provide value to customers.

Combination of Voicebot and Chatbot

The implementation of the combined VoiceBot and ChatBot solution can reduce the average insurance claim filing time from 5 minutes to just 3 minutes on average, representing significant time savings.

MAcarena can manage at least 35% of insurance claims from start to end, managing all steps in the process.

MAcarena is a Bot deployed in the cloud (Bot as a Service), which allows it to expand its capacity quickly in special environments to service a high volume of calls. It is flexible and does not need a physical infrastructure. 

This is how MAcarena works

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Objectives of the Voicebot MAcarena

To develop MAcarena, the first Voicebot, several objectives were defined:

Standardize the filing of insurance claims and reduce the number of errors with a simple, agile, scalable, and uniform solution.

Reduce average service times, facilitating the filing of insurance claims.

Achieve digital management of 35% of insurance claims, from start to end, freeing agents to intervene in complex cases.

Relevant data

1 %
of automated insurance claims
1 min
minutes to manage appointments with the repair service
+ 1
calls answered per day

MAcarena results

We estimate that it would be possible to automate more than 35% of claims filings openings and achieve up to 50% thanks to a fully integrated omnichannel contact center with MAcarena.

This application has been formally designed to work for different insurance entities and to adapt to a multitude of different products. It is defined to be able to be implemented in an agile way to adapt to the requirements of each entity individually.

About Multiasistencia

Leading company and pioneer in the management of multi-risk claims for home, businesses, and communities. It develops customized solutions for the management of multi-risk portfolios and operates more than 300 complementary services to add value to home, auto, health and life insurance policies, among others. In recent years, it has complemented its value proposition with the development of solutions that help implement digital transformation initiatives in the insurance sector.

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