Vodafone MyVoice

MyVoice, Vodafone’s Voicebot with its own personality

MyVoice Project has redefined Vodafone’s VoiceBot and made it more customer-oriented, intelligible, and empathetic. Fonetic has designed and implemented different personalities in the project to offer a better customer service.

Initially, Vodafone’s VoiceBot was implemented in 2011, obtaining great success in absorption and acceptance by users. In 2018, the MyVoice Project was launched to modernize the interface. Its execution involved the redesign of more than 15,000 messages and locutions, but, above all, the constant measurement of the channel NPS and its absorption of calls to guide and validate the work.

After preselecting the appropriate personalities for the project, they were tested on a sample of customers and we used satisfaction surveys to choose the final personalities for the Voicebot.

This is how MyVoice works

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Different personalities

For this project, Fonetic used the Voice Persona methodology, designed for virtual assistants. This methodology has a predesigned set of personalities such as Maternal, Warm or Millennial, which must be adapted to the type of client. Depending on the type of consultation and who calls, the way of interacting with the client vary according to the personalities.

On the other hand, one of the basic principles of the Voicebot, in addition to its personality, is that the assistant dialogues naturally, listening to what the user needs, responding to his request or guiding him.

MyVoice Goals

This project was carried out within Vodafone’s global rebranding effort. In this process, the company was interested in understanding the impact that automated interfaces (voice and text) have in customer experience and the total absorption that the automatic system will be able to achieve, an important fact, because it manages more than 100 million interactions per year.

Relevant data

1 %
percentage points improvement in the NPS
expressions of real clients included in the corpus
1 pp
increase in self-service rate
needs identified with a confidence of more than 94%

Results achieved

The project has managed to improve customer satisfaction by 24 percentage points of the TNPS (voice channel NPS). In addition, it has achieved an improvement in absorption of 3 percentage points.

On the other hand, it has allowed us to understand how the ergonomics of the application, its personality and the use of different voices and registers, affect customer satisfaction.

In addition, we have defined different “Voice Persona” and designed dialogues according to the different personalities and voices, depending on the type of client. Agile dialogues have been designed and oriented to solve real needs of the user. For example, in the prepaid case, where the agent profile is focused on millennials, the system corpus includes the open-ended question and incorporates some 500,000 expressions of real customers, with which they are able to identify approximately 200 needs with confidence in excess of 94%.

About Vodafone

Vodafone Group is one of the largest telecommunications and technology services companies in the world and provides connectivity, convergence, and Internet of Things services, as well as mobile payment and digital transformation services in emerging markets. Vodafone provides mobile services in 25 countries – and has agreements with 41 others – and fixed broadband services in 19 countries.

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