VoxSmart aquires Fonetic’s Trade Comms Suite

VoxSmart, leading mobile surveillance provider, acquires the Fonetic capital markets product suite to build comprehensive communications surveillance platform for Capital Markets.

The transaction, a first of its kind in Markets surveillance, addresses calls for increased consolidation and demand for unified compliance and surveillance solutions.

London and Madrid, 28th November 2019 – VoxSmart, global leader in mobile surveillance technology, has announced the acquisition of the Fonetic Trading business to deliver a comprehensive communications surveillance offering for Capital Markets participants.

After considerable client and market demand for greater consolidation of the RegTech landscape, where VoxSmart has been a key player since 2011, the acquisition marks a logical progression into the wider surveillance market and aims to address the ongoing global challenge of communications surveillance across geographically and linguistically fragmented businesses.

To read in full, visit the VoxSmart newsroom

Fonetic will continue operating in the Customer Experience market, where they already have a significant commercial footprint providing pioneering services for Conversational Chatbots and Voicebots through NLP solutions, serving European and Latin American markets. 

For more information about our ongoing Fonetic services you can contact us today.


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