Month: July 2014

How will it change our tech?

Linguistics academics in the US founded Fonetic, which uses “sentiment analysis” to analyse strings of speech between bankers, alerting compliance teams to possibly fraudulent conversations on trading floors. This is all about context; Fonetic has spent five years building-up a finance industry-specific lexicon in 79 languages. Santander loves it.

Fonetic and Tango Networks bring mobility to voice biometrics and compliance recording for global trading floors

2014-07-18 10_45_01-Home _ Tango Networks
Madrid, Spain – 17th July 2014 – Fonetic, the leaders in voice recognition and linguistics analytics for the financial services sector, today announced a partnership with Tango Networks, a leading provider of Business Mobility Services. The partnership sees Fonetic’s speech analytics solution for fast and accurate trade analysis, full trade reconstruction, pro-active anti-fraud alerts and […]

Breaking Bad Banking Habits with Compliance

Bobs Guide
We all have bad habits, many of which are picked up from those around us such as our family, our friends and our colleagues. In fact psychologically speaking, ‘mimicking’ is an evolutionary and subconscious device we all adopt to fit in with groups. If then, we appropriate Aristotle’s definition of habit and apply this to […]