To fight fraud on the trading floor, standard voice processing is not enough

Protect your most vulnerable communication channel from rogue traders and market abuse with state-of-the-art technology for voice surveillance.

Go beyond monitoring. Exploit and learn with your trading floor voice data.

Ready for MiFID II, MAR, Dodd-Frank Act and upcoming regulations

Comply with voice processing regulatory challenges and most demanding standards, including local, regional and internal codes of conduct. Get your voice data ready for all reports and audits.

Superior accuracy in voice analysis and data interpretation

Fonetic ATR analyses and processes conversations from the trading floor in 21 languages. Thanks to proprietary learning algorithms, our accuracy levels are well above average, which increases our success rate when detecting behaviour anomalies.

Do more with your voice communications

Once you process voice communications unstructured data, you can transform it into a precise ally to understand traders behavior and mitigate associated risks.

Flexible enough to adapt to the complexities of your trading venue

Seamlessly integrates with any recorder, turret and other system architectures through APIs- no expensive replacements needed and easier to stay prepared to the future.

Reduce false positives and mitigate risks

Fonetic technology reduces false positive alerts by up to 96% to keep surveillance team’s efforts focused on what really matters. Our voice processing system is also prepared to work with different audio qualities and compressions and is fluent on trader jargon to detect fraud.

Impeccable execution

All projects delivered on time, on budget, with no disruptions to business and with excellent support.

Fonetic ATR for Voice Surveillance

Technology ahead of regulation

Fonetic ATR is helping many important banks and financial firms to make the most from their voice data and optimize their resources in compliance and surveillance.

Identify and fight rogue behaviours and misconducts that happens in voice communications promptly, thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence specially developed for the trading floor.

Voice Surveillance that makes the most of all our data