Fonetic Team

Fonetic focuses on humanizing human-machine interaction in customer care systems

In the last years, customer care systems have undergone important changes: human agents have been gradually replaced by machines able to perform some tasks efficiently. In spite of the great advances in artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction is still far from being human.

Fonetic, within the SCUBES (Smart Conversation Using Biometric Emotional Semantics) project, aims at humanizing human-machine interaction in the field of customer care systems. The purpose of this project is to provide human intelligence to the machine, being able to understand and communicate using natural language, identify persons automatically, and even detect human emotions.

The project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Regional Development Fund (Exp. RTC-2016-4687-7) under the program Retos-Colaboración 2016, in consortium with the Applied Signal Processing research group of the University of Alcala (UAH).

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