Improve business strategy with Big Data

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Speech & Text analytics is a great lever to improve customer satisfaction and accelerate self service adoption


Increase sales

Increase sales and service assistant productivity through analysis of what is happening across your contact centre. Data on service assistant effectiveness and behaviour is invaluable for effective results analysis and to increase sales

Understand your customers

Personalise your marketing and cross-selling campaigns through knowledge of the most effective pitches, customer concerns and new products that may interest them. SpeechText Analytics delivers concrete data that supports commercial strategy development

Prevent customer churn

SpeechText Analytics analyses the reasons given for customer dissatisfaction with purchased products, indications of taking their custom elsewhere or any mentions of rival companies. This helps evaluate the root cause of problems and prevents customer loss.

Minimise risks

SpeechText Analytics provides data for continuous business improvement. Leveraging Big Data, it roots out fraud, areas of concern, common complaints and legal issues. It incorporates this information into the decision-making process and shines a light on the who, the when and the how involved when processing instances of suspicious behaviour.

Comply with regulatory obligations

Regulations both from inside and outside the organisation are increasingly important. SpeechText Analytics automatically analyses all interactions, including both audio and text. It ensures that any type of administrative sanction is avoided and helps compliance with regulatory obligations.

Improve customer care quality

Contact centre service agents unite the organisation with its customers. Their training and skills are essential to please customers, recommend new products and mitigate problems. Technology that facilitates monitoring the quality of customer care quality is essential to improve productivity.

Fonetic Human Bot is revolutionising telephone customer care

Fonetic supports the market’s main call recorders a key solutions provider, positioned to provide the technology, tools, methodology and experienced  human resources necessary for the development of agile speech and text analytics projects.