We are driving innovation to increase agility, efficiency and strengthen good business practices.

Fonetic is a company rooted in technological innovation. Our ability to successfully apply this in many different areas has been demonstrated time and time again.

Our R&D capabilities are centered around IT investigation, design and development in different business areas such as: Finance, Customer Experience, etc. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience in voice recognition, communication monitoring, conversational interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, advanced information analysis and system architecture.

Voice Leaders

We have built the most accurate voice solution in the marketplace. Our technology has unique audio and text processing and solves pain points such as intent detection and voice biometric authentication. It is the fruit of a dedicated team of speech scientists, linguists, AI engineers and NLP experts.

Advanced Analysis

Our technology has been built for high performance of demandingworking environments. We give our customers powerful information analysis  and scalable architecture solutions acording to business area.

AI -driven Resources

Continuous innovation drives our advances in Artificial Intelligence and means our technology offers accountable and explainable knowledge and understandingof your data & communications. Using Machine Learning to detect intentemotion & entities, each solution adapts to its users needs and fine tuned to their business so the user is always in control.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning assets

World class AI technology with high accuracy from the very beginning of the implementation process. Our Machine Learning assets detect both intent and emotions during a natural and spontaneous conversation allowing agile and targeted responses to any query, request or investigation.

Our speech scientists test new algorithms and parameters on a large data corpus, giving clients the most optimum results.

The vast amount of data allows us to choose the best machine learning strategy for our customers; from financial institutions and insurers to telco providers and security industry players. 

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Intent detection

Deep neural networks are used to detect intentions and behaviour patterns. Our intuitive User Interface allows self explainability of the underlying models and allows to measure impact of any changes in the model before using them.

Emotion detection

Using speech and audio analysis, our algorithms select the most important vocal features to detect emotionsincluding: angriness, whispering and nervousness.  Combining this with NLP provides a powerful tool to determine user behaviour beyond just words.

Entity detection

Work with the highest possible entity and risk accuracy to identify entities by correlating metadata and sector  specific entities already recognised,.

Cloud deployment

On cloud, on prem or hybrid

Fonetic offerings provide access to the market-leading technology, at a lower investment and with faster implementation. Companies are held to strict standards to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their data remains intact.

Our software and solutions follows regulators’ guidance on cloud outsourcing, including stringent encryption conditions, while still allowing you to choose the deployment model that’s right for your business.

Choose the geography you want your data stored; to ensure safety and adapt to local regulations, such as GDPR.  

Fonetic aligns with your goals to optimise cloud resources. We make sure that you have the most cost-effective solution. 

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